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Detroit TM One Box DOC Cleaning

Detroit 1 Box unit has the DOC welded in the unit, the DOC will face plug and need cleaned.​

Face plugged DOCs are usually caused by an upstream failure, and needs to be corrected before reinstalling a cleaned unit. Typical DOC plugging causes are vehicle duty cycles that are; stop-n-go, excessive idle time, stationary PTO operation, or issues with engine system. The diesel oxidation (DOC) will remove the soot build up on the face of the DOC. Our proprietary air cleaning process will reduce the aftertreatment inlet pressure, allowing for parked regeneration to safely run without damaging your engine. All ash is 100% captured, to provide our eco-friendly service. These units must be removed from the truck for this service

Total 1 Box Liquid Cleaning is available, this process can take up to 48 hours for washing and drying.

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