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Aqueous DPF Cleaning

Until recently, if you wanted to get a DPF “cleaned” and installed back in a vehicle quickly you had to sacrifice the quality of cleaning.

Aqueous DPF Cleaning Equipment changes your timetable to properly maintain filters. Our treated water & surfactant stream maneuver around the complicated cell structure of a DPF, removing and recovering debris found inside the filter. Our non-destructive cleaning process helps prolong the life of the filter while restoring it to OEM operating specs.


9 Step Aqueous DPF Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection & documentation pre-cleaning:

    • Weight, wire test, flow test, light test, surface check.

  2. Pre-soak of contaminated filter (soak tank for 10 minutes)

  3. Flushing of contaminated filter (replaces blowing function)

  4. Clean soak of the filter.

  5. Computer guided washing of the filter

  6. Rinsing & inspection of clean surfaces.

  7. Drying of the filter.

  8. Testing & documentation pre-cleaning:

    • Wire test, flow test, surface check.

  9. Final prep of clean filter. Clean gaskets surfaces and bung thread check.


Fleet Express Aqueous Cleaning in Action

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