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Stage 2 - Thermal Cleaning (Bake It - Thermal Regeneration)

  • Optional thermal process for heavily soiled DPFs not recovered effectively with Stage 1 Cleaning​

  • DPFs are baked at 1112 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 hours which loosens ash deposits

  • Removes oil or fluid residue from the filter which interferes with the Pneumatic Cleaning Process

  • Test filter for air flow, record results to FSX Baseline Filter Matrix; Determine status as Green Tag, Orange Tag, or Red Tag. If Green or Orange Tag, return to customer

  • Dry Filters Bake for 12 hours

  • Due to the effectiveness of our pneumatic cleaning program only 1 out of 8 filters require a thermal regeneration to burn off any remaining soot deeply set in the ceramic cell walls

  • Our thermal process uses ambient air while heating. Carefully programmed to deliver just the right amount of heat. No air being pumped through the filter reduces the risk of cracking the filter or causing thermal stress

  • 100% of soot is burned off during thermal regeneration in the Trap Blaster

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