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Below are brief overviews of the different services that we offer, to find more in depth explanations visit the pages under the services tab or click on the names of the services below.

      Pre-Cleaning Inspection


All products coming in for service are tagged with customer information from pickup or drop-off, to ensure your filter is tracked and returned to you. All products are evaluated for needed service. We check all bungs for cracks or damaged threads. Each product is also inspected for any welding that may be needed. We start the DPF/DOC cleaning worksheet to record all repairs and cleaning services needed, which you will receive when services are finished for your records. 

      DPF/DOC/SCR Cleaning

STAGE 1:  DPF/Docs are cleaned using the FSX pneumatic system that blasts air at a continuous 100 psi through both ends of the filter as it rotates through each individual cell. This process of bilateral, high-pressure air movement through the filter ensures that each cell is targeted and diagnosed individually. This will effectively remove all cell and micro-pore inhibitors, and will restore the filter to its optimum filtration capabilities. The filter will be continuously cleaned until ash is completely removed and ash is no longer visible. This process may take up to 45-60 minutes.

      1 Box Cleaning

Detroit 1 Box unit has the DOC welded in the unit, the DOC will face plug and need cleaned.​

Face plugged DOCs are usually caused by an upstream failure, and needs to be corrected before reinstalling a cleaned unit. Typical DOC plugging causes are vehicle duty cycles that are; stop-n-go, excessive idle time, stationary PTO operation, or issues with engine system. The diesel oxidation (DOC) will remove the soot build up on the face of the DOC. Our proprietary air cleaning process will reduce the aftertreatment inlet pressure, allowing for parked regeneration to safely run without damaging your engine. All ash is 100% captured, to provide our eco-friendly service. This process can take up to 2 hours and units must be removed from the truck.

***NOTE: These units must be removed from the truck for this service.

Customer Diagnostics Worksheet

Click Image to Open Larger

      Bung Repair/Replacement

Repairing and replacing of sensor fittings (bungs). We use stainless steel bungs. The bung is visually examined for cracks, breakage, and thread damage. If cracked or broken, the bung is replaced. If thread damage is evident, the bung is examined to see if the sensor threads have galled in the bung. If so, the galled metal is removed if possible and the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap. If threads are damaged and no galling is present, the bung is checked for usability by attempting to screw in a new sensor. If the new sensor will not turn in, the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap. Bungs are checked for functionality using a new sensor to see if the threads need to be re-tapped before any work is done to ensure that the work being done is necessary. 

Every effort is made to repair the bung before a full replacement is performed. Every bung that is replaced is done with new bungs that are stainless steel we have manufactured exclusively for our shop.

      DPF/DOC Thermal Bake

STAGE 2:  DPF/DOCs are kiln-baked at temperatures reaching 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Pre-programmed bake cycles that meet OEM specifications. During the bake cycle, the high temperatures will burn off any excess soot and will create a fracture between ash deposits in the cells and the ceramic cell walls. The "Stage 1" process is then repeated to remove additional soot/ash resulting from the baking cycle. Depending on the condition of the filter upon arrival, thermal cycle times can take up to 12 hours. 

      Ceramic Repair

Small vertical cracks in the ceramic can be repaired based on the condition of the filter. We us a special ceramic repair liquid/paste applied to a clean filter surface to repair and return your filter to a useful life.


Welding is performed for bung replacement, cracked flanges, and DOC leaks on canister tops. All welding pricing is based on repair time to perform a certain service.


Welding is performed for bung replacement, cracked flanges, and DOC leaks on canister tops. All welding pricing is based on repair time to perform a certain service.


Welding is performed for bung replacement, cracked flanges, and DOC leaks on canister tops. All welding pricing is based on repair time to perform a certain service.


If you want to save time, money, and headaches, ask for RECORE, your Recore Center will have you covered no matter the application. Recore allows you to use your existing shell without the need for full part replacement, making these products far less expensive than any aftermarket version. Don't pay more and wait days for your part to come in, when you can be back on the road in under 3 hours, with a brand new DET Recore.

Why waste time and money replacing usable emission control technologies when they fail or need replacing? Now you can RECORE them, yes that's right you can RECORE all your DOC and DPFs with brand new cores from your local DET RECORE Center.

The Process is simple, take your old unit in, have a brand new DET RECORE installed and be back on the road in under three hours. The Recore process itself is less than an hour. Yes, a brand-new Recored unit back in your hand is less than one hour.

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