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Patented Flash Cleaning Technology

Our DPF Cleaning Service, using the state of the art technology, provides a fast and cost effective solution. This regeneration process achieves 98% of the original new condition with certified results. Using our service can generate significant savings, removing the need to undertake costly, on-going repair bills, or buy expensive new filters.

Flash Cleaning (Liquid)

Flash Cleaner Machine...

  • ​cleans all types of particulate filters of cars (Euro 6 too), buses and trucks, catalysts of big trucks (SCR)

  • performs the entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying) in one machine

  • cleans one DPF in 30 minutes

  • ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF

  • gives verifiable results providing the backpressure test before and after cleaning process: this allows an instant diagnosis of the filter and gives you a check on the quality of the cleaning once the filter is done

  • has an integrated printer, so the filter can be delivered to customers with a report that ensures a successful cleaning

  • reduces the environmental impact: it works in a closed system, which does not release dust emission into the environment

Main Benefits

  • Total removal of PM 10 residuals

  • Removals of all residuals

  • Removal of cerium residuals

  • Efficient cleaning of all types of particulate filter and catalyst

  • Safety of the filter

  • Preservation of the noble metals of the DPF and catalyst

  • Easy, fast, and cost effective

  • Environmentally friendly

One and Only Machine

Cleans all types of filters, both off cars DPF/DOC/FAP (also Euro 6), buses and trucks, and catalysts off big trucks (SCR) as well.

Easy and Fast

Only takes 30 minutes to regenerate a DPF for a car and 120 minutes for a truck.

Effective and Innovative

This cleaning ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF and it wins the comparison with most common cleaning methods on the market.

Flash Cleaner Video

Verifiable Results

Thanks to the backpressure test before and after each cleaning cycle, a printed receipt can be given to the customer with the backpressure test results.

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