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Every bung that is replaced is done with new bungs that are stainless steel, that we have manufactured exclusively for our shop.

The bungs are visually examined for cracks, breakage, and thread damage. If cracked or broken, the bung is replaced. If thread damage is evident, the bung is examined to see if the sensor threads have galled in the bung. If so, the galled metal is removed if possible and the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap. If threads are damaged and no galling is present, the bung is checked for usability by attempting to screw in a new sensor. If the new sensor will not turn in, the bung is rethreaded with the appropriate tap. Bungs are checked for functionality using a new sensor to see if the threads need to be re-tapped before any work is done to ensure that the work being done is necessary.

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